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Image courtesy of UCR Counseling Center

Last updated on 5 March 2015

Compiled here is a list-in-progress to deviantART and outside articles that others may find useful—information and news reporting on rape and sexual violence as well to survivors' stories. This will also limit the need for multiple journal posts on news. As expected, this post will be regularly updated.

[Note: Many thanks to Queen-Asante for plenty of contributions.]

Featured deviantART Articles
Rape StatisticsI haven't given this a mature label because I don't plan to be graphic and I won't use strong language (what would be the point?), but I will be discussing rape statistics, so if you are sensitive towards that, be warned. This is not a happy journal.

We all know that women are raped every year. The media and feminists have made that abundantly clear. After laws included men as victims as rape victims as well as women (there is a myth that the law makes it impossible for a man to be a victim of rape), we are becoming increasingly aware that men are raped as well. However, no one knows the exact number of rapes that take place every year as rape and sexual assault crimes are by far some of the most under-reported crimes worldwide, be the victims male or female (it's suspected that 60% of rape cases go unreported, but that number is up in the air seeing as we can't put an exact number on something that goes unreported). Female victims are more likely to alert auth
Domestic Violence in the United States Author’s Note:
    This was a college term paper on domestic violence and abuse in America and has been altered some so the resource information is right after the quotes, so not in full term paper format. This is not a teaching example of writing a term paper but it may help college and university students with information on domestic violence and abuse. 
    Domestic violence and abuse in the United States has affected people throughout its history and is a factor in many families’ lives today, affecting the victims both physically and psychologically. The victims and perpetrators of domestic violence can be male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, young or old. Though, the majority of cases are still the male as the perpetrator and the female as the victim. This type of violence can be found in different religious, racial, and ethnic groups and different socioeconomic and class backgrounds. The v
New Victim-Blaming Ads[Source: Feministing- ]
PA Liquor Control Board to teens: Rape is your fault, and your friends’ fault!
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board recently released a new ad campaign, Control Tonight, that attempts to curb teen drinking. Their case? Don’t drink too much, or else you’ll get raped, but hey–that’s your fault, because we warned you!
One ad features a young girl’s legs, underwear around the ankles, as she lays on what appears to be a bathroom floor. The text reads, “She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t say no.”
The campaign even blames the victim’s friends–the Control Tonight website reads:
“Calling the shots starts with you. What if you didn’t watch out for your friends during a night of drinking?”
The campaign blatantly
Female sexual abusers"Society expects the mother of a toddler would do everything in her power to make sure her child is protected from harm,"
While female sexual abusers are rare in the court system, those who deal with child sexual abuse know that cases that do come through are far from unique. A national study released in 2005 shows that biological mothers were the perpetrators of sexual abuse in five per cent of the substantiated cases investigated by child welfare authorities.
The instance is probably higher, since researchers are certain that many cases of child sexual abuse never come to light. "A lot of people have difficulty believing women are capable of sexually abusing children,"
Even victims of such abuse, looking back at it as adults, have a hard time talking about it. When work and survays have been done within prisons it is found that many men had been abused by women but that they often had difficulty identifying it as abuse.
A U.S. report, entitled Child Sexual Abuse — The Predators,
Teenage Trafficking Survivors NEED YOUR HELP! NOW!As many of you know, I work for StreetLightUSA
A non-profit lifehouse for survivors of sex trafficking, as well as sexual exploitation.
These girls have been through hell, and we are one of the few organizations out there that actually has beds for them. When they come to StreetLight, their life begins! They get school, their own bed, a bedroom, clothes, shampoo, everything they need! They have "house moms" rather than caretakers. These are women who do act as their mothers and cook for them, help them with their school assignments, teach them things, watch movies with them, play games...
But we want to do more for them. We NEED to do more. All you have to do is vote, there is a link in there to the voting page:
That's honestly all we need, we have everything else set up for it. We have professionals willing to teach the lessons, we have the campus available,
A Documentary Response to Born Into Brothels      What similarities could one find between the Red Light district in India and the urban landscape of the capital of China? I could see two: the unjust government and two hopeless boys. After watching "Born Into Brothels", I found a striking similarity between one of the boys from the brothels with my cousin; his name is Avijid.
      Although I do not dare to compare my cousin's privileged life with those kids from the documentary, I still see a similar sort of emotion shine through. These kids, being so young, already have a sense of despair. They were put into a situation that they cannot escape, nor did they want to be put in --hence the "born into". The same could be said of my cousin and all the classmates I left behind in China, and it was Avijid that made me see this. His sort of "tough act", pretending as though he didn't care and nothing really mattered; this was almost a reflection of my cousin. Although he seemed strong on the outside, on t
Men can be raped too
Myth: Men can't be sexually assaulted.
Reality: Men can be, and are, sexually assaulted every day. Any man can be sexually assaulted regardless of their size, strength, appearance, occupation, race or sexual orientation. Male rape can happen at home, work, out doors, in a  car, in the military, prisons, in locker rooms, rest rooms, public toilets, in fact just about anywhere a rapist thinks they can get away with it, and it can happen to any male.
It should also be noted that it is not unusual for a male to "freeze" during a rape, in part due to shock, and fear of ones life. Remember, the rapist will no doubt have done this before, and hence be prepared for what happens, but few, if any men, have even considered in their mind the possibility of such things happening and are thus totally unprepared.
Myth: Only gay men are sexually assaulted.
Reality: Although gay men are raped slightly more often than heterosexual men this is due more to the fact that they can be the target an
A  few days ago, a woman in Afghanistan was merely accused of adultery and  was executed in the street with the Taliban cheering on her murderer.
One   of the women protesting was killed, unfortunately.  These women have the strength of a million souls...if they can do it...why can't we? :nod:
Please Read: Spread the WordLately, I've been trying to raise awareness on human trafficking. My goal is for the awareness to spread towards people and for these people to pass it on to others. Hopefully it will go to the more isolated parts of the world and let people in those areas be aware of it too. I believe that once everybody is aware of it, it will prevent people (especially girls) to fall into the human trafficking trap.
I made a website where it shows us how we can SPREAD THE WORD. 
If you do not want to read on the website, below is a summary of what you can do:
Spread the word on the dangers of human trafficking (like a warning) -basically a message for people to be aware of it- through your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
You could also make something like videos, artwork or take photographs. 
Share it on places like YouTube, DeviantArt, Flickr, etc. 
I plan to make on
Childhood sexual abuse for boysDespite public opinion to the contrary, it most definitely exists and it is a problem. One study by the CDC found that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys had experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact before age 16. The same study found that boys suffer similar long-term negative consequences to that of girls. Additionally, the CDC study kept track of the sex of the abusers and found that 40% of the abusers of the boys are women. This study is not isolated as there are several studies all reaching approximately the same conclusions.
This information has been out there for a while and yet popular media sources seem prone to simply ignore or even hide the suffering of boys. There is even one website which gives a rather extensive and unbiased look childhood victims of sexual assault that acknowledges boys fairly accurately. However, one of the studies they employ seems to suggest that of all the different categories of sexual abuse, ranging from the least intrusive of simple touching to
Dealing With Sexual Trauma And Abuse:WARNING: Because of the subject matter of this discussion topic, those of you who feel you might be triggered by details of rape, sexual abuse and other related issues, please use careful digression. If you feel that these topics are too strong for you and that you cannot handle reading or commenting/replying in a stable, mature manner, please do not read any farther. Thank you.
- - -
We have all survived through abuse. It's a fact. It's what's caused us to have the mental disorder that's brought us together here. For most of us, that abuse has been of a sexual nature at some point or another. Sexual abuse takes on many forms and produces many types of victims. It's all pending on how we cope. For a lot of us, the things we've survived have made us who we are today.
After looking over replies and details from previous discussion topics, I've realized that a lot of the people here would not choose to relive through the abuse they've experienced. A select few have mentioned that t

Mature Content

Gang Rape
We think of rape as an individual not a group act. It is difficult to grasp its social dimention. We assume that, like sex, it takes place in private. It is difficult enough to face the idea of rape. To envisage gang rape is even harder, it is easier to ignore the distinction, to class it all as rape. Yet the historical origins of rape rest with the gang. The Latin word from which rape derives mean "to seize or carry off". In ancient times, warring tribes abducted women, who then became the spoils of war.
It is generally believed for men who engage in gang rape to be pathological bullies, fiends or maniacs, and that gang rape is far less common that individual rape. The findings of research refute these assumptions. One of the first American researchers to analyse the characteristics of men reported to the police for rape in Philadelphia found that 43% of the 1292 men operated in pairs of gangs (Amir 1971). 55% raped in gangs and 16% in pairs. Contrary to prior research this study also
Acquantance rape
Did you know that marital Rape was only made a criminal act in the UK in 1991? Up until then it was considered impossible for a man to rape or sexually assault his wife. To quote:
"A husband cannot rape his wife unless the parties are seperated or the court has by injunction forbidden him to interfere with his wife or he has given an undertaking in court no to interfere with her." (The Law Made Simple, The Chaucer Press, 1981)
Stranger rape is usually a one-off, someone you don't know, with whom you don't share any experiences or history. When the assault happens, there can be no doubt as to what is happening: that it is Rape (though even in such situations the victim will often wonder what she has done to precipitate the assault and will blame herself).
In marital rape (and other forms of acquaintance rape) the circumstances are very different. It is – quite apart from a physical and sexual violation – a betrayal of trust. Here is a person whom you thought you knew intimatel
Welcome to Suicide Awareness WeekWelcome to Suicide
Awareness Week at

(For those of you who are at Arts-and-Health, we are helping to promote this week with the group Spreading-Awareness. Please feel free to join us there for this week's activities and discussions!)
We hope to provide some understanding about suicide and the risk factors for it. This week's topics will include:
:bulletblack: Introduction to Suicide Awareness Week, by Aeirmid
:bulletblack: Factors of Suicide, by Wataqo
:bulletblack: Coping and Seeking Help, by akkajess and Astralseed
:bulletblack: Suicide and Who It Affects Part 1, by HuntingForHappiness
:bulletblack: Suicide and Who It Affects Part 2, by Nichrysalis
:bulletblack: Reaching Out, by Astrikos
:bulletblack: Suicide Awareness Week: In Closing, by Nichrysalis
Basic facts about suicide
Did you know that suicide is a top 10 cause of death in the United States? W
Suicide is No SolutionAs human beings, we are drawn to those of who we share similar experiences with. Browsing deviantART lately I have noticed how many young people we have here and along with this I have discovered by reading Journals that many of the younger ones here suffer from Depression and many more speak of death and dying by suicide as if it were some solution, I want you to know that it really is not.
I want to bring to attention some facts that I learned too late in hopes that if you or someone you care for is in danger you will seek help because you or your loved one CAN be helped.
  Studies show that DEPRESSION alone carries it's own risk factors for suicide but add to this ANXIETY and/or PANIC DISORDER and the risk rises dramatically.  
Follow these links for more information on Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder.
I Can Never Tell Her What Happened...So my mom visited me today. And we sat down to watch this
And this is what my mom said (in Hindi, mind):
''Oh my god! How could those girls let that happen? Don't they know any better? Don't they know right from wrong? I just... can't understand what was going through their heads. I mean, if my (male) teacher asked me to give him oral sex I would've been like 'Ew. Gross,' and told someone. Don't they know how to speak up, how to tell someone? Didn't those kids think that behaviour was inappropriate, strange and not right at all? What is wrong with kids these days!''
My older sister, Sandita, the only one in my family who knows about my abuse, saw the look on my face and tried to reason with Mama. ''But Mama,'' Sandita said, ''these kids were scared. They didn't know what to do. These adults overpowered them and gained their trust. That's what pedophiles do. Deep down, these kids know its wr
Sexually Assaulted at the Bus StopSo yesterday after class, a shocking thing happened.
I have English class on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:00 and 2:15, and it is the only days I go to school alone. My sister usually rides the bus home with me except on Tuesdays and Thursdays-- she has Tuesday off and on Thursday she doesn't go to class till later. So I'm alone and vulnerable to the riff-rafts who like to drift in on the public street. English is one of my favorite classes after Film and it's unfortunate that this week I've had the worst of luck after class-- it must be Karma. So anyhow, I got out of class a little before 2:15 since next week are finals and classes are being cut shorter before the end of the semester. My English class is in the front and I have to walk across the campus down ''the student road'' to get to the bus stop. Usually, the student road is pretty busy-- there are a lot of kids walking around. Once you get past the Dayton Complex where the dorms are in the very front, however, the road clear
:thumb495027971: Rape In Art...WTFI'm going to freak out for a minute. 
Prepare for some talk about me killing a certain group of people. More like phsycotic ranting. But have been warned.
I was looking for some pieces to add to one of my groups...and I came upon one of the most enraging things I've ever seen on here. I'll spare you the details, but basically it was a depiction of a gang rape. Which, at times I understand some artists are trying to use shock value to bring a message to life about the terrors of the crime. But this? Helllllll no. 
In fact, right in the description, "There's nothing more hawt than a bishie being horribly violated ;) "
Oh and the comments?
"This is soooo beautiful!" "Nice work!" "I love these types of scenarios."
It's like these people are BEGGING me to find out where they live, got there and chop their fingers off, so they may never type again!!!
But seriously. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?! How do people see someone humiliated and hurt, and find pleasure from that? It
:thumb514015891: Feeling Anxious?
Since May is mental health awareness month, I wanted to take this opportunity to address something that I think plagues most, if not all of our daily lives. Anxiety is something that comes in all shapes and forms and effects everyone from school children to professional adults. While many people use medication as a way to control anxiety, it's really not something that should be relied on long-term. The purpose of this article is to introduce you all to some helpful holistic techniques that can help reduce stress on your body and mind and help to safely and naturally minimize a lot of the factors that cause us to feel anxious. 
I myself have suffered terribly from anxiety and OCD since childhood. I was diagnosed in middle school and found out early on that my body was intolerant of prescription medication. The drugs made me sick and caused side effects that were worse than the illness itself. It was then that I realized I would have to become my own doctor and se
Piece from My Eight Month Nightmare (True Story)We had it all, no responsibilities, no parents it was a party every Friday-Sunday. Why would any teenager want to go back home where they felt they were in prison? At this point I thought this was the greatest place to be. It was weeks later that I had my first argument with him about where he would get money to get his next hit. My welfare check wasn't coming for another week or so, we were yelling and screaming at each other in his room downstairs, while everyone upstairs was just listening, his mother was home along with our "uncle" and no one came down to see what was going on. He liked playing with air soft pellet guns, and I remember him going very quiet while I was still talking in a lower pitch, he was cleaning off the air gun that I bought him, a replica Smith and Wesson hand gun silver just like Clint Eastwood had in a movie that I cannot remember at this time. I remember hearing him quietly whispering for me to shut up. When I yelled what did you say? he turned around and sa 8 Month Nightmare Pt2 (True Story)Everything seemed to go back to normal for a while, we all had fun together and his brother found a job at Mc Donalds so we all got 50% discount on things when we went in or picked him up. He has the money flow in the house now, so we all "borrowed" money from him of course with consequences money isn't free. His sister would get naked in front of him and let him touch her for money; his 10 year old brother would give him his video games and other of his possessions for some money for pot. I asked him for smoke money sometimes I never had to really do anything big for it sometimes just a kiss. A week or so after as I was watching TV and having a night in while everyone was out. He and his brother came into the living room drunk. He informed me that it was time for me to "fuck his brother" since we dated and he never got any action, I laughed and said no. then he grabbed me off the couch, raised his hand in the air and said "take your fucking clothes off and lay on the floor or I'll bea Human Trafficking"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
- Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence.
In the United States of America, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who did not believe in the three basic rights laid down in the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three rights have shaped our nation – and the world – for hundreds of years, often for the better.  The first two – life and liberty – were first introduced by the philosopher John Locke, along with health and possessions.  But listen to how John Locke states his philosophy:
"All mankind... being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions."
This gives us a different perspective on what the Founding Fathers were sayi
GOAL! Update: Rise Above Series Complete:bonklers:  WE DID IT! :bonklers: 
We just made our goal and raised $3,000 big ones for the support of sexual assault survivors! It's just amazing the kind of things people accomplish when they come together! I should let you all know that the Foundation is super excited at all the support the online art community has been giving this. In addition, all those offline who have contributed are superheroes as well!
Cheerleader  :star: Star Catcher Lukavi extended  :star: Cheerleader 
If you're interested in joining in my "Rise Above" series, and you'd like me to draw your character for it, you still have till this Saturday (August 2nd) to make at least a $15 donation to the cause through my crowdrise page:
:thumb485055558: Male Sexual Assault PermittanceI'm somewhere between supporting the phrase "rape culture" to explain what we live in and finding it an addition to its own concept. It is both. Rape culture is the oppression of victims and potential victims, as well as the uprising of male dominance and the irresponsibility of the people. It is best to state that rape CAN happen between a man and a man and rape CAN happen between a female and a female. It is also very much possible for a woman to rape a man.
For the sake of being on the fence about the phrase "rape culture", I am going to use the phrase male sexual assault permittance (or MSAP). In a nutshell, that is what rape culture really is, or at least the way I understood it; the allowance of male action to dictate female lives.
Firstly, victim blaming: a quintessential element of msaping. If a female is raped or sexually assaulted, there is an argument that she asked for it or she lead the male on. She is the victim, but she is at fault. Freda Adler said it best, "rape is the

Mature Content

Tips on stopping human traffickingHaving gone through some websites, this is what I compiled on information for everyday people on how they can stop human trafficking.  If any of you think that there a better methods to stop it and wish for me to add it to this list, or if I have compiled an  insufficient amount of information, feel free to let me know.
1) Check for the red flags that indicate the person is trafficked, such as their living conditions, physical appearance, etc..
2) If you are in the presence of an trafficked victim, ask them the following questions.
Are they free to leave the work area or the place they work at?
Have they been abused in any way, shape, or form?
If they have an valid work ID, passport or documents of any sort or if they have their own personal documents or passport.
Are they able to contact their relatives and friends in any way?
Who hold their travel documents?
How are they treated?
Are they or their family member threatened in any way or form and if so, do they fear something
Forms of Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking, a global crime where human beings are exploited for profit, does not have a single form and instead takes on different forms.  Here is a list of the known ones.
Sexual Exploitation: Where men, women, or even children are forced against their will, abusively to be used for prostitution, pornography, other sexual activities, and are always threatened and mistreated to prevent escape.  The victims have a large risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases(STDs).  
Debt Bondage: A victim is kept under a debt or a contract which can be abused by the employer to use the person under debt to work in gruelling conditions for the employer.  The employer takes advantages of the debt the victim owes or the contract he/she must abide by and may at often, change parts of it to continue to exploit the victim. 
Child Soldiers: Children and anyone under the age of 18 is forcibly taken to be enlisted as combatants for rebel insurgent groups in conflicts a

Mature Content

         Human trafficking is a crime which involves an individual and some agents for the purpose of illegal trade, employment, and services. In both parties, money is a reciprocal of this unlawful act for they will benefit themselves in order to sustain their lives and family out of poverty. Those agents will use them to gain profit as their part of the business. For those who are affected, they don’t realize what will be their outcome of this desperate commitment. From this issue, there are many examples of human trafficking to be discussed.
        Child labor is one of the examples of human trafficking. Minors are forced to do difficult tasks and duties given by their employers or even their parents. They exchange their normal childhood life into tough labor. Some of them are working as domestic helpers, street beggars, farmers, miners, and facto
Sexual Molestation and the Catholic ReligionHi there, I hope this doesn't offend. ^^;
I was raised a Christian btw, but not very devout. Anyways, I saw two movies recently that made me ask this question: why is there so much sexual molestation of parish priests against young boys in the Catholic religion?
Surely, I don’t think it has anything to do with the religion itself, I mean, anyone can be a rapist regardless of race, religion or gender but I wonder this because....
I recently watched Doubt (2008). A very powerful film that left me disturbed.

And then there’s The Godfather: Part II and Part III, the latter dealing more with the Catholic belief system but the former kinda asking the question of...well...Michael’s older brother, Fredo’s questionable...possibly closet bisexuality based on a childhood sexual abuse by a parish priest.


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:bulletblue: UPDATE (4 March 2015): It Happened to Alexa Foundation


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:bulletblue: 3 Aug. 2011. Feministe. Clarisse Thorn. Thinking More Clearly About BDSM versus Abuse [Note: I really felt the need to include this. Many incorrectly think BDSM and rape are the same. They are not. Many men and women consent to BDSM. When consent is not given and whenever someone misuses BDSM to mask abusive intentions, then it is rape. People consent to sex, not rape or abuse, and this form of thinking stigmatises the BDSM community by believing people are consenting to abuse, which creates a false perception of actual abuse victims that people want to be raped, when in reality, they're sexual acts that from an external viewpoint, society may find ''un-mainstream'' and therefore may think it's abuse. With that said, the BDSM community can experience abuse all the same. The same pattern of rape culture can be found in ''mainstream'' sex communities as well, let's not forget. The author makes some fair points to de-stigmatise BDSM but she also sheds light on rape culture that occurs within her community.]
:bulletblue: UPDATE (2 Nov. 2014): 22 Dec. 2011. Laguna officers arrest transgender woman on prostitution charges (Commentary)
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:bulletblue: UPDATE (30 Dec. 2014): March 2014. Facts about the Pornography Industry + Ex-Porn Star Testimonies
:bulletblue: UPDATE (3 March 2015): 11 June 2014. TeleRead. Paul St John Mackintosh. Marion Zimmer Bradley was a child abuser, says her daughter
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:bulletblue: UPDATE (3 March 2015): 21 Sept. 2014. The In-Between Sexism in Hollywood (Commentary on scene in 1988's Die Hard)
:bulletblue: UPDATE (30 Dec. 2014): 4 Dec. 2014. Anti-Porn Mega Pack
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Image courtesy of ABC News/Getty Images


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:bulletblue: 2002. [Note: The following articles are loosely translated to English from the Swedish media concerning the case of Danguolė Rasalaitė, a sex trafficking victim, as archived in this journal.] The following articles are: 26 Aug. 2002. Aftonbladent. ''Here Dies Lilja – in real life.'' Undated. Svergies Television. ''Info on Danguolė Rasalaitė.'' Follow-up: 10 Jan. 2009. Sydsveskan. Erik Magnusson. ''Best friend ignites light for Danguole.''
:bulletblue: 1 March 2002. BBC News Online. Reporter exposed abuse claims (Shy Keenan) Follow-up: 9 Feb. 2008. The Guardian. I will survive
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:bulletblue: UPDATE (30 Dec. 2014): 24 Feb. 2011. NashvilleScene. For a teen's impulsive, unthinkable act, Cyntoia Brown got an adult's life sentence. Was justice served?: Life Begins at Sixteen Documentary Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story here
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:bulletblue: UPDATE (2 Nov. 2014): 17 April 2013. Transgender Woman Arrested for Exposing Breasts, Jailed With Men
:bulletblue: 21 Oct. 2013. Daily Mail. Woman, 35, whose music-video director father got her pregnant five times plans to write memoir about her childhood abuse
:bulletblue: UPDATE (1 March 2015): 6 Nov. 2013. Salon. 14-year-old-girl films father's sexual abuse with webcam
:bulletblue: 16 April 2014. ABC News. Prison Rape Widely Ignored by Authorities
:bulletblue: 11 June 2014. Jezebel. 'I Felt a Dick Pressing Into My Face': Terry Richardson Strikes Again  
:bulletblue: 18 June 2014. The Guardian. Japan bans possession of child abuse images but law excludes anime
:bulletblue:28 June 2014. Metro. Controversial artist uses Disney princesses to encourage young victims of incest to come forward
:bulletblue: 3 July 2014. Variety. Cartoon Network Fires Creator of 'Clarence' Amid Sexual Assault Allegations
:bulletblue: 27 July 2014. Associated Press. Sexual Harassment at Comic-Con in the Spotlight
:bulletblue: 5 Aug. 2014. Oh No They Didn't! Claim: Michael Jackson Forced A Young Wade Robson Naked & Posed Like a Dog While Singer Masturbated [Note: Multiple sources are compiled here.]
:bulletblue: 6 Aug. 2014. The Independent. 'India gang rape' fashion shoot showing model being harassed on board bus sparks outrage
:bulletblue: 26 Aug. 2014. The New York Times. Abuse Cases in British City Long Ignored, Report Says: 1,400 Children in Rotherham, England, Were Sexually Abused Follow-up here
:bulletblue: 17 Sept. 2014. Justice Department sides with 14-year-old girl raped while serving as 'bait' in middle school sting
:bulletblue: 18 Sept. 2014. Daily Mail. Teenage domestic assault victim reveals her horrific scars after ex-boyfriend 'broke into her home and attacked with a knife before torching bedroom'
:bulletblue: 19 Sept. 2014. The Washington Post. Seeking to end rape on campus, White House launches 'It's On Us'
:bulletblue: 23 Sept. 2014. New Media Rockstars. As Accusations Mount Sam Pepper Must Go
:bulletblue: 26 Sept. 2014. The Huffington Post. Lauren Harrington-Cooper, Former Pa. Teacher, Sentenced For Sex Abuse Of 4 Students
:bulletblue: UPDATE (2 Jan. 2015): 26 Sept. 2014. BuzzFeed. A Transgender Woman Says She Was Locked in a Cell with Her Rapist
:bulletblue: 1 Oct. 2014. US Weekly. Lena Dunham Opens Up About College Date Rape Experience, Recovery  [Note: Regardless of anyone's opinions on her, she didn't deserve this.] UPDATE (8 Jan. 2015): Follow-ups here: 1 | 2 | 3
:bulletblue: 2 Oct. 2014. Channel 4 News. Laci Green interviewed on YouTuber sexual abuse allegations
:bulletblue: 5 Oct. 2014. The New York Times. Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime
:bulletblue: 16 Oct. 2014. Huffington Post. 'Private Violence' Exposes The Complex Reality Of Domestic Violence (Documentary)
:bulletblue: 27 Oct. 2014. Daily Mail. Actress bravely reveals harrowing years of rape at hands of TV legend (Bill Cosby)
:bulletblue: 29 Oct. 2014. Global Grind. This Is What 10 Hours Of Catcalling Really Looks Like (VIDEO) Follow-up here
:bulletblue: 29 Oct. 2014. Oh No They Didn't! CBC Radio interviews another woman who's come forward with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi [Note: There is a ton of sources linked on this story, so I have decided to link to this post that has included most of the important updates. Also, the original poster makes a fair point about BDSM being regarded as an equivalent of rape and vice versa, which is incorrect.] Follow-up: 1 Nov. 2014. Oh No They Didn't! Toronto Police launch criminal investigation into Jian Ghomeshi (and other updates)
:bulletblue: UPDATE (26 Dec. 2014): 17 Dec. 2014. Political Blindspot.Media Coverage Attacks 16-Year-Old African American Rape and Murder Victim for 'Troubled Past'
:bulletblue: UPDATE (1-4 March 2015): 13 Jan. 2015. USA Today. Young killer nears prison release, seeks fresh start
:bulletblue: 19 Feb. 2015. Gay Star News. Trans boy, 15, commits suicide and leaves goodbye note on Tumblr
:bulletblue: 23 Feb. 2015. 'Sons of Guns' star Stephanie Ford decries Mardi Gras float poking fun at her sexual assault allegations, Baton Rouge police officers' involvement
:bulletblue: 5 March 2015. Yahoo News. 'Ginny Weasley' (Bonnie Wright) asks youths to oppose violence with Showyourselfie
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