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So someone made a.... kinda rude comment on this art piece about Alex…

They wouldn't tell me their legit reasons for disliking her so I sent them a PM and this is what they said:

Well....though people have the right to dislike a character I felt really....Idk...frustrated seeing this comment.

First of all, Alex was never meant to be a perfect pretty girl. In fact, Misjudgment never intended to design her as a Barbie Doll Disney Princess, she's supposed to be an average Girl-Next-Door Type but definitely not a Nazz. Sure, fans of Alex do think she's pretty, including me, but she's not supposed to be. People who like characters can somehow ''SEE'' them as attractive, if you know what I mean.

I know a lot of non-fans of EEnE don't think the characters are cute or like the style, but that's because they're outside the EEnE fandom. Us fans have grown on the weird style and come to think the characters are cute, am I right?

My point is, Alex is not supposed to be, but I am a fan of her, so I guess that's why to me she ''LOOKS'' pretty, but people outside the fandom may not think so, but that's also why I think Alex, unlike a lot of OC's, seems to be a love-child of Danny Antonucci, she just seems like she would fit into the EEnE universe, unlike a lot of other OC's that are too ''dolled up'' or too pretty. I mean, Nazz is supposed to be the only ''pretty'' girl character, so to have a bunch of them seems.... like it's killing the point. So I always did admire designs like Ivana and Roxie among a few others who aren't trying to steal Nazz's thunder. And we all know that Danny Antonucci likes weird gross stuff, so his character designs are usually more in the ''ugly'' category and not the Disney formula (he's not really a fan of Disney). I just think Alex really looks like a character he would design.

Second, when the person says they don't like her back-story....well fine I guess, BUT her backstory is actually based on Misjudgment as well as Shy Keenan, so her story IS realistic because it's drawn not only from personal experience of the creator, but from a REAL British woman who was sexually abused. This stuff happens and for people to say that bizarre abuse stories are unrealistic is a little offensive to people like Misjudgment, Shy Keenan and other girls out there who are abused. I know that it's common for Mary Sue types to have tragic unrealistic backstories, but Alex is realistic to me, that's why she's so loved. I don't think she's a Mary Sue at all, especially since she was created to support a cause, and the artist put a lot of her life into this character, so you can imagine how disheartening it would be for people to criticize this character that you created as an outlet. I'm thinking it's one of the reasons Misjudgment deactivated because people kept giving Alex crap. I think Alex is a great character, she's a great role-model for girls who have rough home lifes because she's so positive and a survivor. Misjudgment has a rough home life, so I am beginning to understand where Alex came from? Unrealistic? Not by a long shot.

Last, Alex is not a ''rags to riches'' story, her status never changes. She just escapes her abusive home life and finds sanctuary with her Aunt, but she doesn't become rich or anything, she's just middle-class. It's not like she's a Cinderella or anything. Sure, she lived on the streets for a few years after escaping England JUST LIKE SHY KEENAN but over-all, she doesn't go from a peasant to a princess or anything. She was born into a middle-class family, escaped, was homeless for awhile, then was rescued by her Aunt who is ALSO middle-class, so she never became Miss Money Bags or anything, she just left home, and found another home which was the SAME as the other one minus the abuse.

Anyways, I guess you don't HAVE to like Alex, she's not a perfect character (there's no such thing as a perfect character) BUT I still don't think she's any of the things this person said and she still remains one of the best OC's ever created and one of my faves.

Sure I can understand WHY people don't like her, but still. I think this person was being a little unfair with their reasoning.
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JacobTell101 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014

Nice discussion. I have to say I agree with all your points.
Hentai-Lover-18 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Well that's just bullshit.

Alex is amazing I'm sure that person was just jealous. Her abuse story is as real as it gets, that's why she's a perfect mascot.
GabiSaKuRa Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my!
Walt-Sidney-1972 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
Also the reason why I posted this here is because I do talk about abuse, and how Alex supports sexual abuse rights and empowers young girls who are abused...

but if you feel this journal is irrelevant the admins may delete it.

I also x-posted it here :iconalex-fans: so if you guys want to discuss EEnE only, go comment on that journal but for abuse-related discussion, comment on this journal.
JDNight Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
I think the discussion here is fine, as far as it concerns the discussion of Alex's abuse.

I personally don't have a problem with Alex, after all she is one of the two group mascots, but I can see where the criticisms are coming from. By my book, she's a completely original character that has virtually nothing to do with the canon of the Ed Edd n Eddy universe apart from the art style and that's where a lot of people have issues with fandom original characters, I believe. They might as well just be characters a part of their own universe. I suppose it gets to the point where it's not even Danny Antonucci's original conception anymore, as another commenter pointed out on your art piece. With that being said, I have no idea what that person is going on about.

Also, I never knew Shy Keenan was partly an inspiration for her character. I knew of Misjudgement, but not of Keenan. All I know of her character is that she is English and was sexually abused, but that's about it. That's really something. From what I know of her back story, the parallels to Keenan's experiences are much more obvious now, but it didn't initially cross my mind because there were and are many cases like Alex's all over the UK and elsewhere, so her back story could have been derived from just about anywhere, including partially from her creator.

There was a made-for-TV film in the late 90s that was very similar to Keenan's story but was based on another (anonymous) English girl who was sexually abused similarly by her mother, her mother's boyfriend, was pimped by her father, was pimped by a teenage stranger, and was assaulted by a caregiver in a safe house. Like Keenan, she would live out on the streets to escape the abuse, which began to raise concerns from one her teachers because she wasn't completing her homework, and self-mutilated herself with shards of broken glass. It was called No Child of Mine and was only aired overseas in Canada and France and it was never released to DVD for some reason, probably because after it first premiered on British televisions, the British media exploded with controversy on the film's subject matter and the depiction of such a young actress in sickening circumstances. Also, many sources doubted some of the real girl's claims of all the multiple adults who 'supposedly' raped her and given the lack of evidence  of her abuse, the court couldn't properly persecute anyone, which seems to happen more often than it should in sexual abuse cases. The film isn't nearly as graphic by today's standards, but I thought her story was just as horrific, if not more horrific, than Keenan's. It's an immensely difficult film to find because sadly it no longer airs, but thankfully, someone managed to upload the whole film on YouTube:…

I have Keenan's non-fiction autobiographical novel Broken and read up on every news article there was about her when she first approached the media about her experiences in the early 2000s. The investigative undercover documentary for BBC Newsnight that she participated in to reveal what her stepfather did to her, I believe, was never aired outside of Britain. Only 14 minutes of it exist on YouTube. I don't remember if her book ever made it to US markets, either, though it is available on Amazon now. Given this, not many people outside of the UK know who she is, unfortunately.
Walt-Sidney-1972 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
I remember on the picture that Misjudgment did of Alex where she was in the alleyway with the syringe of METH she said she got it from a News story and I asked which one so she linked me to Shy Keenan, and she was also on the streets like Alex at one point so it made sense.

Kylea never ran away from home or got addicted to drugs, but otherwise Alex's story is pretty much hers and some other girl's stories.

I think her story is pretty common so that's why the person's comment offended me when they said it was uneblievable because unless you've been in that boat, it's not right to say that, you know? =.=
Plenty of girls run away from home and end up on the streets and addicted to drugs, and many of them go to rehab and become ''success stories'', I don't think that's bizarre at all. Many survive, many don't.

Thanks for linking me to the movie I really want to watch it so I will watch it tonight.

I've never heard of Shy Keenan until Kylea linked me to the story, I want to know more but it's hard to find much online, I definitely want to get the book someday.
JDNight Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
I remember that picture. It was the first art piece that drew me to her character.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Knowing this, I wish more people outside of Britain knew about her, but that's really the media's fault in their lack of sharing overseas.

That person has no idea what they're talking about. That's all I have to say.

You're welcome. It's not a joyful film by any means, but I believe more people need to see it, despite how discomforting it is. Just make sure to be prepared to be supplied with plenty of tissues. The ending is really difficult to handle.

Yeah, unfortunately there's only a few online articles on her. There were plenty of print articles in the early 2000s, but I have not been able to find a source that has archived them. :(

I don't know how old you are, but if you have a credit card, the book is available in it's original British English in paperback for $12.92USD:…

The book is fairly graphic and revealing, much more than the online articles written on her, and being English, Keenan is pretty blunt and straightforward. She says exactly what she means. This writing style doesn't bother me in the slightest since I tend to write scenes of abuse similarly, being part English and Irish myself, but this doesn't mean her experiences aren't discomforting. She gets into the abuse right away. There's an instance early on where she's describes her first memories, written in the style of a three or four-year-old's mind, of meeting her stepfather for the first time who she calls ''Shiny Head.''

The first time we all went to visit Shiny Head at his home stands out clearly in my mind. I remember we were all in his living room when he picked me up and sat me on his lap. As I was sitting on his lap, his hand slipped up my dress and I remember a sharp, searing pain in my bottom. I yelped and squirmed, trying to get off his lap, but the dark-haired lady [her mother] looked angry and told me to be nice to my new daddy. (25)

Sometime after, she recounts how she was raped vaginally for the first time on a table by her stepfather and another man, presumably her stepfather's boyfriend (his familiars believed he was gay, which wasn't smiled upon in the 60s, but in reality he was a paedophile) and was violently beaten for attempting to fight back. Another instance followed where she accidentally walked in on her stepfather and the boyfriend performing oral sex and a few days later, the boyfriend anally raped her as punishment. She experiences all of this at just barely four years old.

I do recommend the novel, but it's far from a leisurely read.
Walt-Sidney-1972 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
It's cool. :)

And thanks!
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